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Quality Assurance :
Our yarns are second to none when it comes to quality. We carefully select finest of cotton crops and spin it under strict process controls to deliver a consistent quality end product suitable for most critical of end applications. Our highly skilled production team constantly monitors key quality check points of the production process to ensure our yarns conform to International 5% USTER standards.

The Company is constantly investing in latest generation quality control technology in pursuit of product excellence ans have installed latest quality control innovations such as VETAL SCAN WITH POLYSENSOR at the blow room stage & USTER QUANTUM- II yarn clearer on autoconers with FOREIGN FIBRE DETECTOR.

Our Laboratory is equipped with Uster and Premier make Cotton & yarns and Testing Instruments to ensure quality parameters.


Removes the foreign particles like feather, colour cloth bits, discolored threads, cotton, yellow cotton, yellow fabric pieces by line scan cameras and high density impurities like white / transparent polypropylene, plastic, coloured polythene bag fragments using sonic sensors.


Detects white and coloured polypropylene defects using the capacitive sensor, in addition to the detection of regular foreign fiber defects at the final stages of yarn production.
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